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PJSC «SZVI» is Ukraine’s leading enterprise in production of the electro technical porcelain.

Public  joint-stock company «Slavyansk high voltage insulators works» (РJSC «SZVI») products are delivered for completing the equipment which provides power transmission and distribution among major power engineering installations of Ukraine and CIS countries. The enterprise products enjoy longstanding reputation both in Ukraine and abroad. The SZVI company was founded in 1957 and ever since its sales geography had been growing and reached more than 40 countries .The enterprise bears full responsibility for its products and guarantees insulators reliable operation during their service life. SZVI quality control system is certified since 2004. In 2007 certification authority confirmed that SZVI quality control system meets the requirements of ДСТУ ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001:2000, IDT) standard. Our product range includes more than 300 insulator types.

Today the company delivers:

  • covers with fitting for low-oil and SF6 circuit-breakers;
  • hollow insulators designed for: current transformers, high-voltage oil-filled entrance bushing, coupling capacitors, potential dividends, oil and air circuit breakers, valve surge arresters, electrostatic precipitators, DC surge arresters;
  • reinforced support and stick-support insulators, some of which are «М» marked and used for completing disconnectors, circuit-breakers, bus line insulation, surge arresters, bus line supports;
  • bushing insulators for indoor and outdoor installations;
  • reinforced bushing insulators for switchgear and control gear;
  • non-reinforced bushings of ИПТ type for dismountable transformer bushings;
  • line post insulators for insulating and fastening wires on overhead transmission lines as well as in distribution plant of electric power stations and substations;
  • tubes for high-voltage quartz sand fuses;
  • insulators for railway and electric transport;
  • ceramic acid-resistant packings for filing-in packed column and other heat-and-mass transfer apparatuses (cylindrical and saddle packings).

The enterprise is constantly improving and upgrading its products. Thus, in particular, we developed the technology and started serial production of modernized lightweight high strength stick insulators of ИОС type for disconnectors and bus bar supports for voltage range 110-220 kV. Main advantages of ИОС type insulators are – insulators reduced weight, maximum load factor, increase of guaranteed ser-vice life up to 10 years.

Our range of products is constantly growing. There is also an option of manufacturing products in accordance with customer’s technical drawing and documentation.